I officially became a dad two weeks ago today (well, when I wrote this).

As much as I’ve tried over the past two weeks to avoid blogging about it, I’ve finally given into temptation.

A little intro…
My wife, Diabla, and I have lived in San Francisco for 4 years now, via Dallas, Texas.
We both work- me in sales for an SEM company, and her in finance.
Oh, and we have one handsome little baby boy named Grayson.
I promise to be as open as I can be when discussing our new life, as long as I know the wife won’t be too pissed about what I say. It’s possible I’ll even be able to get her to write! (Though, not likely…)

Why is “Skip The Youth” the title? Because that’s a song from one of my favorite bands, Frightened Rabbit, and I like it.
Have a listen to it – Skip The Youth – Frightened Rabbit

So, I hope you’ll enjoy our good times, our frustrating times and the times when it’s 3am and we can’t get Gray to stop crying.

I’ll also be talking about products we love! (Trust me, Dad’s, they try to screw us hard.)

I strongly encourage you to comment as much as possible. I want to have you share your experiences and have an open dialog in the comments section.

One last note. Sorry about the grammar. I’ve been successfully writing editor free for 8 years!