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We made the move from breast milk to formula. Well, not 100%, but formula is now in the mix. This, of course, didn’t come without a few tears from Dibs. But, I have to commend her. Her goal was six months of breastfeeding, and she surpassed it.

Breastfeeding was a struggle early on for her, and she worked tirelessly to do it right and not give up. This meant lactation consultants, and a range of frustrations. Once it clicked for those two, it really clicked. She earned her Silver Boobs (hilarious designation for 6 months of breast feeding), and she should be proud of her accomplishment. I think it definitely helped Gray, and help them bond even more.

Ultimately, with her new job she couldn’t keep up with the insane pumping schedule, and breast milk preparations are tough. Plus, we’ve been adding cereal and some foods into the mix in order to fill up our growing boy, so it’s not too bad that we’re weening him off breast milk.

Unless you have to change his diapers. Sweet mother of all things holy, people. His diapers now smell like something crawled into his butt and died. While eating at a restaurant with my parents Sunday, Gray relieved himself at the table. Dibs had yet to arrive, so I took him into the bathroom for a changing.

Quick tangent: It’s 2011. Dad’s change diapers now. Can we get an effin’ changing table in every bathroom at this point? I mean, really, I shouldn’t have to be stuck on a trendy sink counter trying to change my kid, at a not so trendy restaurant.

When I opened his diaper, I thought perhaps he had the cheese enchiladas, rice and beans instead of milk. As I’m changing him, another dude walks into bathroom, says, “Holy crap, I’ll wait till he’s out of here,” and leaves. Yep… this is my son.

In other Gray news, we’ve been working with him to get him to sit. He’s a good sitter when he’s paying attention, but Grayson seems to rather do things like eat his feet. And, when he’s sitting for a long time he gets super excited, laughs uncontrollably and falls down. It’s hilarious, yet not productive. He’s almost on the verge of crawling, as well. This is exciting only because it means Dibs is crawling around the apartment trying to show him how. Always funny.

Lastly, we’ve moved from the 2 diapers to the 3 diapers. Trust me. There’s no way the 2 can hold in the madness…


Finding the right bottle is key to your kid’s development. If you choose the wrong bottle, you’re screwing him over for the rest of his life. It’s the butterfly effect of raising a child. Pick a BornFree today, and your kid fails his driver’s licenses test when he’s 16.

No, none of that is true at all, but picking the right bottle is important and difficult. We’re now two months into it, and we still haven’t really settled on a bottle. We’re actually using a Bottle-By-Committee, and going with a three-headed attack.

Here’s what we choose, and why.

Playtex Drop-in Bottles – We like the Playtex drop-ins, because it reduces the cleaning by a lot. It does increase the amount of trash, which I’m sure some people will frown upon. We like the Drop-ins because it reduces burping and farting, plus it’s supposed to help reduce colic. Price is pretty cheap. About $5 for the bottle, $10 for the drop-ins.

Medela Bottles – We use the Medela breast pump, so we store in the Medela Bottles. It’s pretty much as simple as that. I can’t recall a time when we’ve used them outside of the house, but if you’re going to pump they’re good to have. Just close them with the cap, refrigerate them, and then replace with a nipple (hahah… nipple) when you’re ready to feed him. I don’t know how much they cost, because I’m pretty sure they came with our breast pump. (Diabla Note: We did use the Medela bottles over the weekend, because we were gone all day. She pumped, and we used those bottles, since she couldn’t breastfeed him. She’d also like you to know that we don’t use bottles often, since she breastfeeds.)

LifeFactory Bottles – These bottles really are great. We were awarded one in our birthing class, McMoyler Method, and we haven’t looked back. We also bought bottles for us, we liked them so much. Here’s the details: They’re a Berkeley startup that creates sleek BPA-free glass bottles, free of chemicals and FDA approved. Ecofriendly, and awesome. You will not regret having these bottles. At around $12, they may not be the cheapest, but they’re definitely the most worth it.

BornFree – We have two BornFree bottles. They sit up in the cabinet unused.