Happy New Year, everyone. What? New Years was like a month ago?

Oh… I guess it was. Well, sorry, we’ve been moving, getting settled and getting set up at our new jobs.

Well, all of that has been accomplished and we’re back.

Gray handled the move fairly well. According to Dibs, he was fussy on the plane before take off. Everyone basically stared her down with murder in their eyes, but once the flight took off he was ok. If you know Gray, you know he has lungs for days. He’s a loud kid. Pretty sure I’d want to do the same if he was crying on my flight.

Now he has his own room! It’s amazing. He sleeps in there like a champ, too. Well, not counting the past couple of days. A 5:30 wake up time is unacceptable, young man. This morning he decided that 3:45am would be a good time to wake up. And, he had no intention of going back into the crib. It was sleep on my chest, or not sleep at all. Therefore, I got to lay on the couch with him draped across my chest. My neck still hurts, and it’s 5pm.

Other than that here are some of his other milestones, which we’ll be diving into more in the upcoming days.

Gray officially eats cereal. Or some weird rice mush. He LOVES it. He sits in his little chair, and his mouth opens wide as I make airplane noises. Then he tries to eat it, which is as successful as eating with no teeth can be.

He also rolls over and over and over. Last night, as we were eating dinner, he was in his activity gym. Next thing we know, he’s rolling across the floor to get to Pooh Bear. Um, did not expect that.

His poops are teenager poops now. Yep, I went there. I guess adding the cereal has changed the consistency. It’s real life happening in his diaper. Terrifying real life.

Lastly, he’s started teething. This, Dibs believes, is directly related to him waking up early. I’m sooo not a fan of this.

Oh, and he’s still the cutest kid in the world.

Good catching up. Talk soon.