I’ve been traveling and working like crazy, so I thought I’d just give a quick update.

Laughing – First of all, Grayson laughed for the first time, and holy crap it was amazing. He’s doing it with some regularity now. It’s this sort of uncontrollable laugh that absolutely slays me. I’m now really excited for parents to hear their child’s laugh for the first time. I almost skipped work that day just so I could keep doing whatever I was doing to cause this. While it’s not abnormal for a baby to laugh this early, most don’t laugh for the first time till about 4 months. Needless to say, it’s incredible moment. (If you’re on Dibs’ Facebook page, I highly recommend watching the video she posted.

Baby Bjorn Update – As I mentioned before, we made the wrong selection when purchasing our Baby Bjorn. Today our new one showed up. It. Is. Amazing. I once again urge you guys to make the right decision here. We didn’t go with the ERGObaby Baby Carrier as I mentioned in my last post. Instead we settled on the Babybjorn Baby Carrier Active. Much better back support here. Trust me.

Wondersitter – We’re in a pretty different situation than most people. For those who haven’t heard, we’re moving back to Dallas at the end of December. That being said, it doesn’t really set us up well for daycare/nannycare. No sense in applying for daycare and going through that whole process, when we only need it for two months. Same goes for finding a nanny. It’s a long process, and no one is going to commit for 2 months, either.

Dibs found Wondersitter and after some research (and friend testimonials) we decided to try them out. Basically, Wondersitter provides families with a network of screened babysitters. We have not had a bad experience yet. All the girls have been great, and Grayson has loved all of them (of course he has).

And lastly…

Dibs and Gray are traveling to Dallas next week. I’m going to try my hardest to get her to write about her experience with traveling with him. Will she actually do it? That’s probably a no. But, maybe I will write it for her. I can’t wait to hear about it. And I also wished I was going with them.