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Me: “Honey, lots of new moms want to throw their baby out the window.”
Her: “No, honey. I don’t want to throw him out the window. I want to throw him against the wall. This way he has a better survival rate.”

Actual conversations by brand new parents! Please, don’t report us to CPS. If you are CPS, I was clearly kidding (umm…). And, if you start thinking we’re really terrible people, then you probably don’t have a child yet, or are past the 3 year mark and you’ve forgotten all of this fun stuff. In fact, you’re probably reading this because you’re ready for kid #2. Meaning, you’ve definitely forgotten all of this, or are in denial about what happened the first time around.

Being a parent is like being bipolar. This morning, while feeding, Gray’s pee leaked through his diaper and all over Diabla. “GET IN HERE AND GET HIM OFF OF ME!” I did, quickly. I changed him, and Dibs immediately went to prepare a bath for him and her. While preparing a bath, Gray started smiling like he’s never smiled before. I felt like he was almost on the verge of giggling. (PS. I know babies don’t giggle till around 4 months, but apparently they don’t roll over till month 2, and Grayson was doing that at week 3.) I quickly rushed him over she could see it, and she gushed, “I just love him soooo much. He’s so cute.” I didn’t feel the need to remind her that she still had pee on her. Hell, it was so adorable I almost took the day off from work hoping he’d smile at me all day.

Man, I’m on a tangent that was nowhere near where I wanted to go. I think I’m going to leave it anyways.

So, where was I wanting to go? Oh! Dibs throwing our kid against the wall. Let’s be honest, kids cry. It’s kind of what they do. But, there are some ways to help calm him down. I thought I’d share some of my techniques to getting Gray quiet with you guys. That’s what I do, right?

There’s a book that everyone talks about. Something about New Babies on the Block, or something. Some guy talks about the 5 S’s. I have heard these s’s, and I use some of them. I wished I remembered them, or bothered to read the book. With that said…

The Boob – I mean, this is a no-brainer, right? Nothing gets babies to chill quite like the boob.

Sweet, Sweet Swaddle – I have found that once I’ve swaddled Gray, he will chill out. It’s weird, because he hates it as I’m swaddling him, but he can’t really sleep without. He’ll wake himself up with Gangsta Pose without being swaddled. Sometimes he gets a little worse before he gets better with the swaddle, so keep that in mind. (Little known fact outside of my house… I’m the swaddle king. There is no swaddle queen. I don’t know why I love this fact so much.)

Over the Shoulder Hold – I don’t know what it is, but when I throw Gray over my shoulder he just chills. And I mean, over the shoulder, too. His belly is on my shoulder bone (To show how little I know about bones, I’m now wondering if there is a shoulder bone… Google it.). I toss him over and pat his back, and he’s fine. Well, until I take him off my shoulder. Everyone is always shocked when they see me do this.

Bouncing – He’ll also chill out when I stand up, put him on my chest and start bouncing. This will also usually put him to sleep. And, if I talk/rap (yeah, rap) while doing it all the better. I guess the vibrations calm him down. By the way, don’t shake him. That will obviously get him to be quiet… forever. You will go to jail. You will not pass go. You will not collect $200.

Baby Bjorn – This is just a super version of bouncing. So, I can bounce him while checking fantasy football scores in one hand and eating a burrito in the other. I had no idea how amazing being able to use both my hands would be till I discovered the magic of the Bjorn. Sweden is the gift that keeps giving.

Baby Massage – I’ve mentioned this before. Usually massaging Grayson involves a lot of farts from him, and a lot of laughing from me. Yep, I’m a dad.

Bath Time – He LOVES bath time. It’s hilarious. Once he hits the water, he’s in pleasure country.

Going for a Walk – If things are really bad, I’ll put Grayson in his stroller and take him for a walk. This is so phenomenal that 60% of the time it works every time. The change of scenery, combined with the sidewalk bumps calms him down.

Change their Diaper – Oh, snap, he’s crying cause he’s got poop in his diaper.

The Pacifier – Or as it’s known in my house, the silencer. This combined with anything above, besides the boob of course, increases your chances of a calm baby by some percentage that I’m sure has been reported somewhere. Let’s just say 83%. I think I mentioned before that Dibs was against the silencer. But, once she learned that as long as you don’t rely on it after month 3, they won’t still be using it when they’re 8 years old. And, that, my friends is a good thing.

Just, try to avoid throwing your baby at the wall, ok?

Everyone says, “You’ll figure out that you don’t need half of the stuff you buy/is bought for you really quickly when the baby comes.” What they don’t say is, “You don’t know half of the shit that you actually need, or don’t need.” Why does no one tell you this stuff?

I got with Diabla and we put together a list of both the things we have and never used, and the things didn’t have, but really needed. I hope it helps you guys, cause, dang, no one told us this shit.

Blankets – Everyone buys you blankets. I don’t remember putting 100 blankets on the registry, yet, there they sit. Unused. We have maybe 3 blankets out of 20 that get used. The rest are in a drawer.

Diapers – It’s not that we didn’t think we’d need diapers. Of course we did. We just didn’t realize the amount of Newborn diapers we’d actually need. Holy crap he goes through a lot of diapers. Seriously, when you think you have enough Newborn diapers, buy 36 more.

Pacifier – We decided that we weren’t going to let Grayson go the pacifier route. Then we spent a night with him. Did you know the way babies soothe themselves is with sucking? Apparently, they keep their hands in their mouth a lot when in the womb. I didn’t know this. Then the first thing we do when they’re out of the womb is take their hands away. If you’re worried about them becoming addicted, Diabla read that as long as you don’t let them rely on it after month 3, it should be ok.

Lotion – We have a shitpile of baby lotion. First thing our pediatrician said, “Don’t use baby lotion on his dry skin.” Um, ok…

Boppy – Did you know the Boppy really isn’t supposed to be used for newborns? We didn’t either. Luckily a friend of ours handed hers down, and we didn’t buy it. The lactation consultant suggested the My BrestFriend (Remember when you were her “Brest Friend,” dads?). Dibs loves it. I still can’t figure out where the A in breast went.

Onesies – Stay away from buttons. Seriously, if you can find onesies that zip from toe to neck, buy them. They are so simple. Especially at 4am when you’re half asleep trying to match up buttons. Man, that is so dumb.

Shout Stain Remover – Our spray Shout now resides in a changing table drawer. Seriously, the kid poops on everything.

Lotrimin – Yes, the athlete’s foot cream. John Madden has Tough Actin’ Tinactin, baby’s have Lotrimin. It really is amazing how quickly it can get rid of diaper rash.

Swaddle – The swaddles that were bought for us sucked so hard. I stole 3 from the hospital, and we still use them. I hate the ones that have the velcro, as Gray breaks them easily. And the ones from Swaddle Designs are too flimsy.

Nipple Cream – Apparently a kid on your breast can do some things to your nips. Not to go to far into it, but Dibs recommends Motherlove. It doesn’t stain your clothes like some others.

Hand Sanitizer – I hate hand sanitizer so much. A friend of ours bought us some of this EO Hand Sanitizer Gel, and I love it. I love the lavender and I love the lemon. It doesn’t stink like most, and frankly doesn’t make your hands taste like shit. It’s great for diaper changes. You can find the EO at Whole Foods.

Lots of Wet Wipes – We go through about a pack of wipes a day. Since I hate the pee-pee-teepee, I put a dry wipe over him when I change him. I also use one to pat his booty dry.

Crib Bedding – See blankets. We subscribe to the Empty Crib theory, so the only thing in the crib is Gray, a swaddle and a…

Suction Ball Thing – That’s all that we put in the crib. I keep the same suction ball thing from the hospital in his crib. I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of it.

Changing Pad Covers / Disposable Covers – Get plenty. They’re going to poop, piss and spit up all over them. Gray’s record right now is 3 in one day.

Burp Cloths – Again, the more the better. Trust me.

Pants – Funny story. We didn’t have any pants for Grayson. We had an abundance of onesie’s, but no pants. Needless to say, we had to make a quick trip to Baby Gap for some pants for the little guy. How the hell do you forget to buy your kid pants? We’re terrible parents.