It’s shocking to me that Gray has been around for 7 weeks now.

I thought I’d look back over the quick 7 weeks and jot down some of Grayson’s biggest milestones down. I’m going to try and keep up with the cool things he’s doing as he develops, so we can look back on them.

Have I mentioned I plan on eventually printing this blog into a book for Grayson? I can’t wait to hand it to him, have him read it and be like, “Dad, I’m sorry I shit on you so much.” Damn right you are.

Head Control – This typically happens later the first month. For Gray, it happened around week 2. I’m not sure if he had head control, or his neck was so big it just held his head up. He was turning it side to side easily at week 3. He’s not holding his head up for 5 minutes at a time or anything, but he’s got some solid head holding skills.

Recognizing Us – The strangest thing happened at the grocery store the other day. I was walking towards Dibs, Gray was over her shoulder, and he locked eyes with me. I was between two other people, but it definitely seemed like he found me, and watched me all the way. Since then he’s been making long eye contact with us regularly. We’ve been playing staring contest with him. He wins every time.

Rolling Over Front to Back – We were completely shocked the first time Gray rolled over. We definitely figured it was a fluke. I mean, this was week 3, right? Turns out, he kept doing it. Put him on his front, and he’d find a way to roll over. Last week he did it 3 times in a row, Dibs made videos for everyone. Accidentally, he went from back to front while sleeping. He was swaddled. There was panic in the house.

Farting – Is this a skill they master? Because Grayson has this one covered. He farts like an old man. I think ever since he farted on our friend, Natalie, he’s been ripping with the best of them.

Figuring Out His Hands – Watching Grayson figure out what to do with his hands is funny. He still isn’t close to figuring everything out, otherwise he’d stop trying to claw out his eyes, but he’s getting some stuff down. He held onto a rattle for the first time the other day (admittedly, we probably should have tried that sooner), and he has a grip of death. In week 3, I noticed how determine he is. For example, his activity gym has these rings hanging down. For 2 days it seemed he was trying to grab the rings hanging above him. Once he finally grabbed him, he got them with one finger. So, he kept trying till he got them with his whole hand (as he’s grown it’s been easier). It’s been fun to watch him repeatedly go for these rings.

Cooing – A few weeks ago Gray started making coo noises. Is this a milestone? I don’t know, but it’s really funny. Sadly, he’s starting to make “Meh,” sounds. I know Dibs is at home with him right now saying, “Mommy,” over and over again.

Smiles – I still remember the first time Grayson smiled at me. I wanted to take the day off of work just to get him to do it again. He does it with regularity now, but I’m not going to lie, I get so excited each time.

Laughing – Er… Giggling – This happened the other day, but it was purely accidental. We know it was accidental. But, the fact that happened, and gave us a glimpse into what it’s going to sound like, was so amazingly awesome.

Wearing Converse – On Sunday, Gray put on his first pair of Converse. He’s never looked so awesome in life.